Texture Crystals™

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  •  Use On ANY BREED
  • Instantly Lifts Coat
  • Fuller More Voluminous Coat
  • Weightless, Odorless, Colorless
  • No Residue
  • Safe For Sensitive Skin
  • 6 To 8 hours Of Lasting Volume
  • Easy To Use!


If your pet frequents the show ring and you are looking for a competitive edge… keep reading!

Panagenics™ Texture Crystals™ helps provide full, voluminous hair. This weightless, odorless, and colorless formula is great for adding texture and giving a quick boost to a fine or thinning coat. It is a lightweight powder which instantly adds volume and texture while providing a high hold and a completely natural finish. Panagenics™ Texture Crystals™ will never leave the coat sticky or stiff. It is safe to use on sensitive skin. 

IMPORTANT: Before you begin the steps below,
ensure that your dog is completely, 100% dry.

Identify the areas where you want to add volume. Take the Texture Crystals™ applicator and dab it into the Texture Crystals™.  Split the hair so you can see skin and begin dabbing your applicator. Work in a localized area or apply generously throughout the entire coat. Avoid the nose, ears and mouth.  Next step is to activate the Texture Crystals™. This can be done by using a Boar Brush (for short haired breeds) OR using a Boar/Nylon Mixed Brush (for long haired breeds) and brushing against the grain.  The powder will begin to fade away. Continue brushing the area until you cannot see the powder in the coat. Then use a blow dryer (at a low setting) to blow out any excess Texture Crystals™ and style as desired.

If you get too much volume, lightly mist the coat with Hydration Spray and brush through.

Side note: If you can see the Texture Crystals™ in the coat, you have used too much (or have not blown out enough)! 

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I use Texture Crystals™?

Use Texture Crystals™ whenever you want to add volume to your pet’s coat. If showing, apply and activate the Crystals an hour before entering the ring. Make sure your pet is completely dry prior to application. 

Do I need to wash out the Texture Crystals™ after showing?

No rinsing necessary! Texture Crystals™ are designed to fall out of the coat 6 to 8 hours from the time of application.

How long does the effect of Texture Crystals™ last in the coat?

Effects of the crystals should last roughly 6 to 8 hours. 

Is “activation” required to get the Texture Crystals™ to work?

Activation is very important if you are looking for the best results. Always use a Boar/Nylon mixed brush (for long haired breeds) or a Boar brush (for short haired breeds) for activation. Without activation, the Texture Crystals™ will not have any effect on the coat. 

Will I be able to feel the Texture Crystals™ in the coat?

No. Texture Crystals™ are seamless to the touch. As long as you have followed the instructions, you will not feel or see a thing! 

Will the Texture Crystals™ cause the coat to look dull in color?

If the Texture Crystals™ are making your dark coat look dull, you have not brushed the coat enough. Brush the coat, and then use the blower (low setting) to blow out any excess. Style as desired. 

Can Texture Crystals™ be applied on or around the snout or ears?

To avoid inhalation, we do not recommend that you use Texture Crystals™ on the face of your pet. This is also to avoid getting the Texture Crystals™ in the eyes.  You can, however, use Texture Crystals™ on the outside of the ears and top of the head. Use caution to avoid getting the powder inside the animal’s ears. 

Can Hydration Spray be applied to the coat after the use of Texture Crystals™?

Yes. If you are getting too much lift and need some control, you may apply a light mist of the Panagenics™ Hydrating Spray to the coat to reduce static and gain control. Do NOT reapply Texture Crystals™ unless you are 100% certain the coat has dried. 


We cannot share all our secrets! But, we can say…

Texture Crystals™ is a mixture of natural minerals which are safe to use on sensitive skin.

Product Specifications

Sizing: 5 oz Net Wt. (142 g)

Shipping Weight: 7 oz

Product Dimensions: 3 5/8 O x 3 ¼ H inches (O= Diameter)

Packaging Description: White Cylinder Tub with Black Top

Bottling Material: Plastic

Country of Origin: USA