Portuguese Water Dog Grooming with Remy Smith-Lewis

Eric Salas All Breed Grooming Workshop Netherlands

Grooming The Afghan Hound

Miniature Schnauzer Grooming Video with Carole Weinberger   

 Using & Maintaining the perfect Shears 

Grooming the Wire Fox Terrier

Grooming Newfoundlands at the 2017 NCA Nationals with Penny Shubert

Preparing Show Horses for competition with Eric Salas

​​​​Demonstrated on a short coated breed (BullDog)

Panagenics on your Hair   ​

      Penny Shubert Newfoundland Grooming

 Newfoundland  conditioning and  bathing with Penny Shubert

Conditioning Skin & Coats ​(English Setter)

Conditioning Skin & Coats on All Breeds (Tibetan Spaniel)