Brite-N-White Dental Cleaner

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  • Great Treat Alternative
  • Peppermint Flavor Enjoyed By All Breeds
  • Long Lasting Minty Breath
  • Convenient 2" Bone For Dogs Of All Sizes (except possibly teacup dogs as the bone is bigger than the dog)
  • Natural Green Color From Parsley And Chlorophyll
  • Tooth Cleanser And Whitener 


It is no secret; some dogs have bad breath! Brite -N- White is a tasty and effective way of keeping your dog’s breath fresh for all those wonderful face-licking moments.  A minty biscuit is perfect for your dog’s oral maintenance. The 2” bone has a crunchy texture which helps remove plaque from your dog’s teeth all the way to the gum line. As a bonus, Brite -N- White will leave your pet's breath minty fresh for hours!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Brite –N- White have any nutritional value for my dog?

None. Brite-N-White is like just like a breath mint for humans. Tastes good and keep the breath fresh for hours, that’s it! 

Does Brite -N- White have any health benefits for my dog?

Brite -N- White is not meant to cure or alleviate oral aliments or diseases. Therefore, we cannot make any health claims on this product. Please seek veterinarian care if your dog is having oral issues, not related to bad breath. 

How is Brite -N- White different than other products?

Most other products simply freshen breath. Brite -N- White helps both in reducing tartar and aids in whitening of the teeth.

Will Brite -N- White help against gum disease?  

Brite -N- White can help maintain a disease-free oral environment in conjunction with veterinarian care. Brite -N- White will not help against existing gum disease. Seek veterinarian care for existing gum disease. 

 Is Brite –N- White better than brushing my dog's teeth?

No more chasing your pet around the house! Brite -N- White is an easy, non-invasive way of getting your dog to do the work for you. They think it is a treat, but we know the truth!


Give to pet as needed.


Flour, Brown Rice Syrup, Cheese Powder , Purified Water, Lecithin, Gelatin, Corn Starch, Anise Seeds, Glycerin, Sodium Hexametaphosphate, Calcium Proplonate, Peppermint Flavor, Vitamin E, Sorbic Acid, OM Oral Care, Ascorbic Acid, Parsley Powder, Sodium Chlorophyll, Safflower Oil


Product Specifications

Sizing: 14.81 oz (420 g) / 60 bones

Shipping Weight: 16.8 oz

Product Dimensions: 3 3/8 D x 5 ¾ H (inches)

Packaging Description: White Cylinder Tub with Black Top

Packaging Material: Plastic

Country of Origin: USA