Panagenics™ Shampoo

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Panagenics™ Shampoo is designed to clean without heavy detergents, with no damage to the coat, and is non-sticky to the touch. Applied after the Panagenics™ Conditioner it removes dirt, odor, stains, conditioner residue which leaves the cuticle flat, healthy, and crystal clear.

All Panagenics™ products are designed to enhance the hair, skin, or feather of any species or breed on to which it is applied. Panagenics™ products are dye free, tearless, fragrance free, non sudsing, and a PH in the 5.5-6.5 range. They will repair the worst hair damage and restore the hair to its natural state. The more these products are used the better the hair will get. All Panagenics™ products are gentle enough for daily use on dogs, cats, horses, and even birds. Panagenics™ products are safe for the environment and contain no harsh chemicals to harm watersheds.


Place a small amount in palm of hand and massage gently onto dry hair of the entire coat all the way to the skin. Panagenics™ Shampoo is non-sudsing and will rinse out easily. After rinsing, dry the coat by any preferred method.