Registered Name:    MBIS BISS Can GCh/MBIS Col GCh/Am Ch                     

 Summerford’s What Ever
Call Name:            Tr'Ever
Breeder:            Christina Koffman-Heard (Summerford Perm Reg’d Newfoundlands)
Owners:            Francisco Javier Chavez Pouchard and  Christina Koffman-Heard

In order to be better at anything, you simply need to raise your standards … Panagenics helped us do just that.  Penny Shubert had been recommending it to us and we finally tried it this year for the first time and we were hooked after the one bath. As Breeder/Owner/Handlers competing against the Professionals you need every advantage you can get to stand out in the ring.  Beautiful coats – long or short – are eye catching and get noticed. Our coats are thicker, shinier and healthier than ever. Bathing and drying time has been drastically reduced and the coat looks and feels better, and for longer periods. Not only are we seeing improved texture; colour; volume and control … our dogs are holding coat during a very hot and humid summer. There is no more need for hairspray, mousse or other products. The Panagenics system made an immediate impact that is being noticed by us on the grooming table and by the judges in the ring.  We cannot say enough about Panagenics and have recommended it to several friends in other breeds who are equally as impressed.

Brad Heard and Christina Koffman-Heard

  Once Upon a Time there was a silly little Vizsla puppy named Chance. This puppy had been carefully bred and raised to be the ideal representation of his breed. His head was shaped a certain way, his ears perked just so, his legs were a certain length, his body a particular size, he was fed, socialized, trained, and prepared to show off everything this amazing breed is supposed to be and do. The only thing holding this boy back from being a champion was….. ME! 
This fairy tale was headed for a not so happy ending, as I dutifully began showing Chance, a well-bred goofball of a dog, when he was 9 months old. He loved everyone and thought all of the judges were there only to see him. I was so clueless in the ring that I never even realized the art and science that it takes to show a dog to his full potential. I thought you just taught them to stand, you put on a fancy suit, run around the ring, and ta-da! I mean, how hard can it be to get 15 measly points?... HA! Everyone who has a champion show dog knows the answer to that question. 
Chance and I showed, and showed, and showed some more. After a year of showing and multiple, multiple trips into the ring, we accumulated a grand total of ZERO points. Even worse, showing was no longer fun. Chance was enjoying it less and less because I was enjoying it less and less. I began to dread the next trip and the next time we worked and prepped and thought we could do it, only to be disappointed again. Maybe his toenails were too long, maybe my suit was the wrong color. Maybe I ran too fast or too slow, or didn’t stack him quickly enough. He began hanging back when we gaited. Then he began hanging his ears and hunching his back in his stack. My beautiful Vizsla began to look like a sad little hound dog. What in the world should we do next? We were obligated to show, and it just wasn’t fun any more. I was letting down my sweet puppy, and disappointing his breeder. 
Enter Eric Salas and his workshop. I had seen Eric’s videos and wondered what in the world this crazy guy with a Mohawk was all about (there’s a story). Meeting him was definitely on my bucket list, but he was way out west and way up north, too far away. Then holy cow, he was coming as close as North Carolina, just two states away! So I bought a grooming table (for a Vizsla!), we loaded up the RV, hooked up the jeep, and headed off to our first Eric Salas workshop, not having any idea about what the weekend would hold. I was not disappointed. Not only did I get to meet Eric Salas, but he lectured on nutrition, anatomy, chemistry, physiology, and strategy. Then we learned how to correctly bathe, groom, and present our dogs. We were educated from the ground up, building a solid foundation of how to prepare and show a dog to its full potential. Who in the world thought there was a right way to bathe and trim a Vizsla?! I had always been told they are wash and wear, which they are, but to show them and truly have them stand out, they must be groomed and trimmed, and fed and worked. The PH of the water you bathe them in is even important! Under the supervision of Eric, and with the use of Panagenics, Chance was as shiny and glowing and glossy smooth as a brand new copper penny. And then the magic really began to happen. Eric brought the fun back. His enthusiasm and wicked hilarious laugh were infectious and contagious and refreshing. Even the dogs were laughing. We ran up and down and around and around (and around some more). We stacked, we stood, we danced, we played. We worked and worked until we got it right. With the confidence he gave us, we felt invincible. We were happy again. And Oh. My. Goodness. The coat on this dog! It will take your breath away. 
A very short four days later, we showed in our home venue, and not only did we have a ball, we got our first point!! Because of Eric Salas and Panagenics, we had the confidence and the skills to actually make it happen. We went in the ring smiling, and we came out of the ring laughing. One of the judges even complimented us (I thought I was in trouble when he called us over). As this fairy tale continues, there is so much more to learn and to do, but at least we now know that the end of this story will definitely be a happy one, full of laughter and fun, and one gorgeous dog, “Legacy’s Once Upon a Time”, also known as Chance. 
Thank you Eric Salas.  

I have been successfully breeding and showing Afghan Hounds since 1968.  I am a very experienced groomer and frankly I was quite set in my ways in that area.  I have recently switched to Panagenics and I now use the whole system of shampoo, conditioner, hydrating spray and mineral crystals.  Eric taught me how to use his products on my Afghan Hounds in ways that are different from anything I knew before.  I have been grooming Afghan Hounds for 50 years, and as a breeder owner handler have won multiple nationals, all breed BIS's, and in just a couple of days with Eric I can't believe how much I have learned!  I have an adult male in full specials coat and I am admittedly neurotic about his coat.  Using Panagenics his hair looks and feels like spun silk and his saddle comes alive with the crystals.  I am so thrilled with the Panagenics products, system and customer service and I honestly don't know how I ever lived without it.  Well done and thank you Eric.  Proud to be a member of "Team Panagenics".

Three weeks prior to Eukanuba I attended Eric Salas’ Handling and Grooming Seminar with my four-year-old Australian Shepherd.  My dogs are very active – especially in the summer.  They swim and dock dive all year long.  Though this is a great life for any dog; the swimming and constant damp coat takes its toll on any conformation show coat.  The seminar lasted two days.  Upon my arrival I quickly introduced myself to Eric and he promptly hugged me and welcomed me to his seminar.  I told him as a new owner handler I needed all the help and advice he could give me.  The first day dealt with developing our handling skills and how to address any behavioral issues that might arise in the ring. We learned to show our dogs on a long 6ft lose lead and to use hand signals to direct our dogs.  This alone was a vast improvement over using a short, tight lead, which often creates behavioral issues not to mention restricted movement. By the end of the day Atasi and I moved flawlessly around the ring and Eric’s “head straight” method eliminated Atasi’s rocking back issues.  The second day was focused on grooming.  Eric instructed each of us to apply his leave in conditioner over night and let it dry and to also bring several gallons of distilled water with us.  As soon as I walked in the door he looked at Atasi 

Rachel Irvin
Elan Afghans est.1968
Home of "Neo"


Hi Eric,

Attached is a picture of myself (Lisa Moreau) and my dog Swannie, MBISS/GCh Jada's Super Bowl Party.  I'm not sure if you remember us but we met for the first time in 2010 at Eukanuba in Long Beach.  You assisted me with some grooming tips and introduced me to your product at that time.  Unfortunately I have been buying what I thought was your stuff from you know who since then.  I actually noticed a change but though maybe I just needed to give the coat a break and use something else.  So last summer I used another product and wasn't happy so I purchased more stuff from, ya, you know who, only to find out a few months later that it wasn't that same stuff!!  Unfortunately I'm stuck using over $200 worth of product that I really don't want.  Sigh....

I can't wait for Panagenics to hit the market again!!  Of course I will have to finish up with what I have before I can justify buying new stuff.  :-(

I am attaching a photo of my Swannie and myself.  It is a ring shot taken by my best friend Colleen Bell.  It is my most favorite picture of her.

Here is my testimony.  If you need to tweak it a bit feel free I'm not a very good writer.  

Your Panagenics products are just AWESOME!!! I love how the coat on my English Setter has become. I used your shampoo, conditioner, grooming spray & crystals at Eukanuba for the first time in 2010 and was sold! These products cut my prep time in half! A couple of weeks after Eukanuba I was at the Cleveland Classic shows in Ohio and had several people ask me what I was using for control the static that was being generated by the building and I told them nothing other than my Panagenics shampoo, conditioner and grooming spray! It was amazing. I would always have static at this show and this time I had NONE!!! How wonderful to not have to carry around a bottle of water or water and conditioner mix. 

I can't say enough to thank Eric for all his grooming help! He is the BEST!!! Congrats and good luck with all your new products. :-) 

Let me know if you need any additional information or if you have any other questions.  



Carole Weinberger
I just spent 2 days with Eric Salas filming a Miniature Schnauzer grooming video and it was an amazing experience. He is so knowledgeable about dogs and hair products and grooming that I learned as much as I shared!, Wait until you try the new Panagenics grooming line! It's fantastic!, Bare looked better than he's ever looked when I was done, and I learned grooming techniques I would NEVER have tried!! Thanks, Eric, for a great experience!

Photo of my German Spitz Mittel

Flamuna Revelations at Runestone ShCM. Best of Breed at Crufts 2014. Now focusing on his agility career.

I only use Panagenics... and am desperate for it to be back in the UK :)

“My first Show Dog”

After participating in my third dog show weekend with my 12 month old Great Dane (“Josie”) I walked out of the ring feeling pretty darn discouraged.  I could tell the judge really liked my dog — she watched Josie intently as she had all the dogs run around the ring together over and over.  She gave us ample time to stack our dogs, however, just as I had Josie’s feet in position Josie she would decide to move then the judge would ask to repeat the go around. We did this three times.  I honestly felt like she was trying to give me the opportunity to stack my dog correctly.  I never expected to win a ribbon (although a ribbon would have been nice) but I did want to walk out of the ring feeling as though I had improved in some way but I hadn't — I felt discouraged. 

Soon as I got back to my benching I called my friend and told her I was thinking about hiring a professional handler for Josie.  I told her what frustrated me most was the feeling that I was holding my dog back because I lacked the skills to show her properly.  I had taken a handling class and learnt the basics: proper etiquette, gaiting patterns, stacking, etc.  I knew what to do, just not how to get there.  I could only get Josie to stack for a little more than a few seconds and I knew her gait needed improvement. My friend, being an avid dog trainer, reminded me that the whole reason I began dog showing was for the enjoyment doing things with my dog and that a win would mean so much more to me if I earned it with my dog.  Rather than hiring a handler, she suggested that I attend Eric’s handling seminar the following weekend in Vernon, BC.  I took a day to think about it, weighing if I thought the long drive (14 hours) was worth what I thought I would take from the seminar before making the decision to give it a try.

Eric’s seminar was so informative.  It was a little intimidating at first, as it looked like I was the least experienced person there but Eric and everyone there were so welcoming.  The first half of the day was spent listening to Eric talk and taking notes… lots of notes.  There was information on animal behavior, human behavior and the effects of our behaviors on dogs before he even began to explain his philosophies for in the ring.  After lunch he had us practice.  When it was my turn, Josie pulled me on the down and back as I raced to keep up.  When Eric tried to handle Josie she threw a tantrum at which point Eric said that I might not be able to continue as Josie was not ready.  He suggested I move away from the group and practice his “head straight” technique for a bit.  Even after a mere twenty minutes the difference was amazing — not only did she stack better but she had stopped pulling me around the ring.  It was all due to the fact that Eric had given me the skills to lead her better — Josie was still the same dog, it was me that changed.

The differences between Josie and I showing before Eric’s seminar and after are like night and day.  I enter the ring with confidence now and don’t worry about Josie “misbehaving” in the ring; she stays stacked and her gait is fluid now that I’ve learnt how her communicate with her on a loose leash.  I highly recommend everyone to take the seminar no matter how much experience you have showing dogs. What I obtained there fully exceeded my expectations.  I can’t thank Eric enough for the encouragement, confidence and skills he’s given me and I can’t wait for him to come back to Canada!

I know I’ve thanked you so much already but really… THANK YOU!   I already had her signed up for another show next weekend that I’m going to have to bump her up in — I wasn’t expecting to finish her last weekend —  but after that we’re going to be taking a bit of a break to condition her while she matures and fills out a little more.



  I met Eric over 15 years ago when he started handling a naughty, beautiful chow chow for my best friend and then mentor.  He was able to get so much cooperation out of that little dog, when many other handlers had failed.  
Eric started conducting some handling classes at my friends facility and I decided that I wanted to see more.
His techniques were focusing a lot on our body language and how it affects our dogs.  He had such a common sense, dog friendly, easy to understand approach that anybody could succeed.  After attending with my own dogs for awhile, two of my kids decided that they wanted to try their hand at this sport.  One of them was a teenage hockey player while the other was 7 year old ballerina.  Two very different personalities and learning styles!
Eric was able to keep them both very interested and excited about the dog show game.  He offered so much encouragement  that they loved attending his classes.  Many of the others that they had attended over the years focused on everything that they were doing wrong rather than explaining what needed to improve and then showing them why. 
I have had the privilege of hosting several of Eric’s seminars and private lessons at my facility.  These seminars are very professionally presented with an unique approach.  Each attendee reviews videos of themselves and their dog, showing how much they have progressed from the beginning to the end of the lesson.  
Eric uses a very relaxed style of hands on teaching  with a lot of information included through video excerpts and power point presentations,as well as lots of humor and fun thrown in. 
We have also had the pleasure of having Eric fill in at our drop in conformation class.  The classes were again very well attended and lots of information was received by all.  Several junior/4H kids were there and they received very clear instruction on what they needed to do to succeed.  He even had a mock show at the end of the class and one of the 4H kids took BIS!
As a facility owner and having attended several of Eric’s seminars, I can say that I have enjoyed everyone of them and leave with new info every time.  I have watched people that have years of experience in dogs (and done very well) as well as novice handlers that never even thought that they could show a dog, come away with the ability and the knowledge of what they need to do to win.   My now 16 year old daughter has improved so much, especially in confidence since she has attended Eric’s classes and she is always excited to attend more.  Eric has become one of her mentors and friends.  It is always funny to hear her help some of her 4H friend with some of the techniques that Eric has helped her with.  “Head Straight”,  “Loose Lead” will always be phrases that she will remember!

Connie Skinner 
Owner/Head trainer
Mind Your Manners Dog Training and Daycare
Vancouver, WA.

    When I'm competing at grooming competitions, I need premium tools that will consistently perform and give me the perfect results that I want.  The Eric Salas line offers some of the best grooming tools I have ever used.  Their carding knives not only remove more undercoat than ever without cutting topcoat, but they are lightweight and balanced to the hand for ease and comfort of use.  The stripping stones are marvelous for fine detail stripping work, and are much more durable than other brands on the market.  My all time favorite brush is the wooden pin brush - it's so gentle on the coat and the dogs really don't mind it at all, however I'm now a recent convert to the Boar Bristle and Nylon brush, too.  It does a wonderful job straightening and smoothing topcoat as well as furnishings.  Of course, no grooming would be complete without Eric Salas' Texture Crystals, they're SO versatile.  They really can do it all - making a soft coat feel harsher, adding body and hold to furnishings, bulking up leg and hock hair, fixing toplines -  anything chalk and mousse can do, they can do better!
Ch Stonehenge Larger Than Life "Gomer"

Greta Dalrymple, ICMG

GroomTeam USA 01, 06, 07, 08, 09

International Groomer of the Year 2008

2008 GroomOlympics Champion

2010 Groomer Super Jackpot winner

"I had watched Eric's handling classes ringside on several occasions and just marveled at the way the individual dogs and handlers responded to his training. I considered myself a competent handler, but I always take the opportunity to learn new things, so I decided to see what Eric could do to help me improve. I must say spending 10 minutes with him as he evaluated my dog "Elle", her showmanship and our partnership, his feedback was right on. She was just going through the motions, and blowing me off at the end of the down and back...and now she is stacking and using her ears! Since my relationship with Eric began, Elle and I won the breed 3 out of 4 days at Montgomery County which landed us in the top 5 just in time to receive an invitation to Westminster 2010! I can't thank Eric enough for his continued help and support. I am looking forward to a few private lessons so that I can enhance my partnership with Elle even more! Whether you are just beginning or a seasoned professional, Eric Salas can take you to the next level. I highly recommend him!" 

Terrie Houck
Destineez Miniature Schnauzers 
Agent of Ch. Lonestar's Wicked Good, Elle - Group & Multiple AMSC National Specialty Winner

"Eric understands the handler/dog relationship from the dog's point of view and is able to explain to the handler how to get better performances from the dog. He teaches people how to "speak" to the dog in a language the dog can understand!"

Margery Good

We love Eric and his products. He is a great groomer and he is a wonderful teacher. He thoroughly know his products and is constantly designing something new and exciting that we love testing. Simply the best!

Phil & Amy Booth

Panagenics Testimonials 

​We'd love to hear what you have tosay!

This is Dakota. She is 8 months. She was groomed last Wed for the show and still looks amazing. She showed 3 days in a row and only got misted and finishing spray blow outs before day 2 and 3.

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I have been with your products. I recently started showing my Leonberger puppy. A friend recommended the product and I figured I would give it a try. My girl looks amazing and it takes significantly less time for me to do a complete groom then with other products. I also used it on my adult male and female Leonbergers and I noticed an immediate positive difference in their coats and the ease of coat care. They are soft and fluffy where they should be and their guard hairs are corse where they should be. They are shiny and I love the fact that the product is not scented. My dogs look amazing and I happily pass on the info about the products I am using when asked what I am using at shows.

Eric Salas Workshops
In 2015 Eric Salas announce he was coming to the UK, I had been following Eric on you tube, watching his every move.
I had a Greyhound puppy Riggs, full of character, energy and most the time did a great impression of a kangaroo. I'm not a novice but this dog tested everything I knew about presenting and showing, so Eric timed his visit perfectly.
Riggs to me fills the standard, judges thought highly of him but I knew I could do better. October 2015 I attended Eric's workshop, everyone was so excited and wanting to learn "head straight"
Eric is patient, and passionate about what he does, even though I have been showing dogs for 30 years I got more from spending one day with Eric than I have learnt in the last 10 years.
If you are serious about showing and want the best from your dog I highly recommend you attend one of Eric's workshops. Since attending and putting in to practicing, Riggs has gained his crown and is now a UK Champion, just last weekend he was Best in Show and I know without Eric this may not have happened.

 Thank you Eric Salas

Andrea Spurr

Tracey Norrell, PhD

"Do you want to go to an amazing
 handling workshop? This is the one! Eric Salas is the best instructor I know.  First of all, Eric helped with getting my dog to move and follow close with me. Secondly, he taught me how to use the leash and my body to talk to
 the dog while walking. I also learned to stack the dog and say, “head straight” and how to fold
 my lead in my hand instead of wrapping it
 . These skills have helped me become a much better handler and recently win a Best Junior Showmanship and college scholarship.  Thank you, Eric Salas!"
Brielle Villarreal
(9 years old)

"Eric's workshop has given Brielle the skills and structure to make huge improvements in her handling. It was a tremendous educational experience for us
 both and gave us priceless tools and techniques we could take home and practice. It has helped build a much stronger bond between Brielle and Mimi, and given her a new level of confidence and body language in the ring. I can't thank Eric enough for the knowledge
 and support!"
Rick Villarreal

and said put more conditioner on him.  Eric then took time prior to the seminar starting to feel over Atasi.  He suggested Atasi was overdeveloped in the front due to his dock diving and to put him on a treadmill every day and he will be moving better and more balanced in the show ring.  As the day went on he taught us the ninety-degree method of trimming and the proper sequence and sections to trim our dog.  Grooming could not have been made easier.  Eric also taught us the importance of proper health and nutrition. He suggested Mackerel to add shine to any dog’s coat.  Upon my return home I did exactly what Eric suggested everyday up to our trip to Eukanuba for the National Owner Handler Series Final.  Everyday I put Eric’s leave-in conditioner on his coat overnight, brushed him in the morning with Eric’s conditioning spray, put him on a treadmill, and supplemented his food with Mackeral. I also bathed Atasi ever fifth day with Eric’s shampoo and rinsed with distilled water.  Once I was at Eukanuba Eric gladly trimmed Atasi and fine-tuned my handling one full hour prior to going into the ring.  As Atasi and I entered the ring I noticed Eric sitting ringside cheering us on.  That Eric took so much time out of his schedule to watch us still gives me chills.  We went in the ring looking better than we ever had in two years. Atasi was in amazing shape and I was more confident than ever before.  And then it happened – the judge pointed to us as the BOBOH!!!  We finished the year as the #1 OH Australian Shepherd team in the country.  I cannot thank Eric Salas enough for everything, and I mean everything, he did to make us successful.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  

Jennifer Hintz

About Panagenics Products by Eric Salas
The money I have spent on products for my dogs, I eagerly waited for the Real Panagenics launch hoping they would be an improvement on all the other products that had promised results but never delivered.
Finally after a long wait the postman arrived, on first using Panagenics it just feels wrong, conditioner first on a dry dirty coat! I left it on over night then without rinsing added the shampoo in the morning. On rinsing there were no bubbles I didn't hold out much hope, but once the coat was dry you could feel and see the difference. I was a little surprised at the results as the method used is so different.
I've been using Panagenics for over 6 months, the coat on my white parti Greyhound is stunning, every time I use Panagenics the coat improves.
I use the hydration spray and put the conditioner on his feet a couple of times a week. Preparing him for a show I follow the now normal routine, I add the texture crystals to enhance his colours and wow they certainly do that.
The benefits for me is that Panagenics is great value, easy to use and less stressful for my dog, Panagenics delivers, leaving a healthy gleaming coat.
My dog loves having his bath time; all that massaging gives us real bonding time together.

 Thank You Eric Salas

Andrea Spurr


Penny Shubert 
         Having used the original Panagenics and seen how it revolutionized Newfoundland ring presentation, I was really excited to try the New Panagenics from Eric Salas. Eric asked if I would make a new grooming video in August.IN AUGUST??? You want me to find a good Newf in coat in August?Fortunately, I know a lot of great people in the Newf world and I thought of GCh. Darbydale's Don't Stop Believin' (Ryker) in Michigan. He had all the qualifications: Good newf—Top 10, Hair—Profuse, Agreeable Owner—Kathryn Rowland, a super person, Location to shoot the video—Ryker’s breeder, Carol Bergman’s Darbydale Kennels, FABULOUS! Luckily, after we finalized the arrangements, Ryker even co-operated and didn’t do the usual coat blow just before the big event (Kathryn must not have let him read her Facebook messages!)The night before the big shoot, we conditioned Ryker following Eric’s directions. We rubbed the conditioner straight into his dry coat. It looked greasy before we added the Panagenics Conditioner (Ugh!) but a strange thing happened as we got around to the other side of the dog. The first side became supple, separated and straight. WOW! What happened to the grease?I had some hair on my hands as it loosened all the coat that had not been thoroughly combed out—Panic! He is shedding!—no, just dead hair. The coat puffed and the hair shafts became wider. He already looked great. Couldn’t wait for the next day to see what the shampoo would do.The next morning, we set up at Carol’s and I comb the dog out preparing for the shampoo—it was a breeze! Then Eric says to put the shampoo on the dry dog.WHAT??? HOW WILL I GET IT TO THE SKIN??? I do my best, but I really can’t get it to the skin on that monster coat. Eric says to rinse the dog now. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET HIM CLEAN—THOSE EARS WILL BE GREASY!!! We rinse the dog (Easier than I thought) thoroughly! UNBELIEVABLE!!! The dog’s coat was squeaky as I started to rinse, and once rinsed, his coat is squeaky clean all over. Then we dry, combing and blowing the way the coat grows until there is no more crimp. FANTASTIC!! The ears are fluffy, the back lays properly with fluff and falls back when rubbed in the opposite direction, all the wave is gone and the coat has spring.Now for the trim. The hair stood perfectly (but not the dog  [☺] —Kathryn made a wonderful gaffer; moving lights, keeping Ryker standing while staying invisible, and she also doubled as a camera operator—Should I tell her what union rates are for this?) Then we misted Ryker with the Hydrating Spray and put Texture Crystals in his legs, knee sox, and just behind the withers—YOWZA! Tree trunks. We all had such a blast, laughing and making this video and seeing what turned out. Forty-eight years of doing a dog the usual way and then I find out there is an easier and better way. I guess you can teach an old dog (groomer) new tricks!P.S. Ryker took a group 4 in the heat the next weekend. Kathryn says he is still fluffed. 

This is the dog that will be featured in the Complete Newfoundland Grooming Video with Penny Shubert

MBISS Gold GCh. Darbydale's Don't Stop Believin' RN, WD, WRD
Owned by Kathryn Rowland and Carol Bergmann
Bred by Carol Bergmann
2013 and 2014 Top Ten and Top Twenty Newfoundland (currently ranked in top 20...waiting for results for July...should be in top 10 again)
Multiple Group winner
I would like to thank
Klinefelter's Gallery for this beautiful Photo

My Experience with Eric Salas

PROBLEM:   Maggie, Netherscot's Nun in Charge


Her name was my first mistake. She is no "Nun" and she is in CHARGE. 2nd mistake: a baby tooth pulled by my beloved vet--no anesthesia. Screamed like She had encountered Freddy on Elm Street! Oh God was she mad.  Result: she would not let anyone get near her mouth! Taking out Judges left and right. 
I was scared to show her. 

Wanted: An intervention, better yet an Exorcism! Clearly the best choice. I prayed and then went to my search engine and found the answer on You Tube. A Father Salas was performing miracles! 
Website said He would walk Swim or hitchhike to help. 

"Just pick up the phone and call" 
I did. 
Yikes! He answered the phone! I told him I needed his help ASAP.  
He was flying to Miami next week! 
Just 2 hours down the Florida Turnpike from the home of the Scottish Cloistered Order: 
Nun's of Netherscot. 
Excellent! Meet you on Tuesday. Could I send him a picture of the possessed patient? 
Father's returned text: "WOW!"   
Is that good? I asked.
Affirmative. Worth rescuing!
Help is on its way.

"Set her up on the table please."
The good Father Salas reached out and....EXAMINED her mouth!. A perfect angel.
This is a piece of cake He said.... "head straight!"
Unbelievable. Love and devotion at first sight

The good Father arrives with his camera and crew also a computer for instant replay. We are renting space in a dog training center for the next three days. Today we begin by watching some video's such as "Dogs Decoded" and a discussion on Nurture vs. Nature. Excellent stuff. 
Do not "nurture" you will lose the dogs respect. Sister Maggie owned the ruler.
Not me.
Do not use the word NO. We practiced the "growl" for correction.
"There is no problem here" (referring to Maggie) You (me) are! 
Eric demonstrated how to lock her head in place to control her on the table during the Judges examination. 
Never look at the dog. Remember--Correct with a growl sound
The best part: The camera crew films we work for 15 minutes and then sit down and watch the tape. 

EXCELLENT teaching tools!!!
Hand signals to turn the dog--don't watch the dog!!!  Respect and Trust!

Know your Standard. Use colored highlighters: grooming green, Presentation Pink, Structure Yellow.
What it takes to "Special" a dog. Champion Vs. Specialing (sp?)
Finding the right "stuff" to inspire/motivate your dog in the ring: The right bait, right toy, Right smells etc. Get creative.
More work in the ring and watching the videos.
Don't watch the Dog! 
The 5 opportunities to "show" your dog to the judge. On entry, During initial presentation, Go around, On the Table. Up and back.
Earning Respect and trust
Bomb-proofing with practice: Know all the patterns the judge may use in the ring.

Day Three
Grooming!! Need lots of time to perfect that!
Have 5 different ways to get your dog to STACK (Homework)
More work in the ring.


There are not enough words to really tell you how I felt about how much this time meant to me. Maggie and I showed a couple of weeks later at the Ocala shows and she received 2 three point Majors. 
Thank you Eric Salas!

I better schedule another meeting for grooming!

Judy Makem